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Agency Staff Model

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The Agency Staff Model is a no-nonsense approach focusing on
3 requirements for success:

  • Pay for Performance

  • Use of Consistent proven Processes for growing and retaining customers

  • Employ the right people to get the results you want

The three key pieces are:

Processes….Our processes directly impact the three areas that contribute to growth…New Business, Retention, and Average Premium.
Alan and Rick have developed, personally used, and trained others on these very effective time proven processes.  Your staff will learn what to say, when to say it, and how to deliver professionally every time they interact with a customer.  Our processes enable you to follow a proactive approach to building and strengthening customer relationships.

Pay for Performance…..Our compensation model links staff compensation to their performance. Their effectiveness in growing and retaining customers determines how much money they earn!!  No more being locked into annual pay raises without regard to your results… Your cost of compensation will only increase if your premium and income increase.

Right People…If you currently have the right people our staff model will motivate and reward them beyond expectations.  If you have staff who aren't suited for the model, we will show you how to find those that are, how to interview, and how to develop a constant supply of quality people who want to come to work for your agency. 

These 3 elements, properly implemented, will move an agency to a more efficient, well managed operation, while increasing profitable growth, stabilizing or lowering expenses, improving retention, all while instilling a sense of pride and renewed spirit.
This pay for performance system empowers and motivates staff to perform
at astounding production levels.

If you want to build a high performance team, contact us today.
Alan Baker 
Rick Johnson
e-mail: johnsort@msn.com 
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