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Appreciation Card

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The appreciation card is a unique concept that will differentiate your business from the competition.  The card is most effective for those businesses wanting to build long term relationships while offering a value added service to customers/prospects. 

One side of the card will be permanent and displays your business information (business card).  The back of the card can be printed (profiles), erased, and reprinted (the same card can be reused numerous times), displays the merchants who have agreed to offer quality discounts, an expiration date (causes customer/prospect to return to renew), and can be personalized.

This is a great way to keep in touch with those customers/prospects with whom you would like to continue to do business.  Whenever they pull your business card to use, they will always think of your business as the provider.  The expiration date is the merchants way of determining a valid card, causing the customer/prospect to return to you business to update the card.

The program includes a CardWriter (connects to any computer/PC), software, sample merchant contracts, and rewritable cards, all of which are different than anything you have ever seen. 

As the opportunities are too numerous to mention, for a no obligation consultation, contact:

Alan Baker 
Rick Johnson
e-mail: johnsort@msn.com 


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