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Agency Staff Model: 
Would you like to:  Retain more customers, dramatically increase your ability to write more business, maximize your contingency bonus opportunities, provide your clients and prospects with a “WOW” experience, and have dedicated, self-motivated staff.  Find out more about this agency changing program. 
Click on Agency Staff Model.

Leading through Relationships: 
The essence of leadership is to ensure performance.  This workshop establishes a process for effective leadership within any corporate environment, and provides a model which will increase productivity by moving from a management style to a leadership style.  Learn more about how this workshop will provide a consistent, measurable approach. 
Click on Leadership through Relationships.

Appreciation Card: 
How would you like to design a Business Card customers/prospects will not
throw away, offers hundreds of dollars of savings (value added service), has
an expiration date which requires renewal (customer return), can be reused, and endears you to the businesses of your community?  Well, that is what this unique, one of a kind card can do for you, and much more.  Explore the possibilities
Click on Appreciation Card.

Goal Setting/Time Management: 
Would you like to build a plan for personal and business success… and be able to achieve those plans through a proven time management system?
Time…the most precious commodity you have to spend Management….
the ability to control events one after the other
Goal Setting…. Start making your long range goals come alive TODAY!!!! 
Click on Goal Setting/Time Management

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